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Peoria Web Design

Peoria Web Design

TJ Dub Web Design is proud to call Peoria home. I was born and raised in Peoria, and happy to be helping Peoria-area businesses with their websites. Many of my clients are located in Peoria County, making it very easy to visit them for training purposes or to drop off Christmas gifts! 

As a Web Designer in Peoria, I can visit your business, learn about your target audience and create a website that appeals to your customer based. Your customers may be Peoria-based, or located all across the country. Either way, I am capable of evaluating your website needs and creating a product that will fulfill those needs. 

Please call me today for an evaluation of where your website is today, and where it can be in the future!

about tjdub

TJ Dub Web Design is owned and operated by Peoria-native Tim Wasson. With a focus on customer service as well as amazing graphic and web design, TJ Dub is building and improving website useability for all business owners in Central Illinois, including Peoria, Bloomington-Normal, Champaign, Galesburg, Decatur and more.

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